My son is going to be finishing up his set of 40 hbot sessions at a local center and we are not sure how we should proceed with treatments.  We have seen some wonderful improvements in his speech as well as with his cognition and behaviors. However, we don’t know where to go from here.  It is financially difficult for us to continue, but it is also hard for us to get into the clinic because of or schedules.  Is this a therapy that we should continue now because we are seeing such good improvements?

Katie Burns

Dear Katie,

I am very happy to hear that your son has seen such great improvements from his hbot session. I know that it can be difficult sometimes to get to a center for treatments.  This is the main reason why we like patients to start supervised treatments in the center – that extra monitoring in the beginning of starting a new protocol is very important.  Has your physician ever spoken to you about getting a personal hyperbaric chamber for your home? It would seem to be a logical choice for your family since your son has been such good improvements from his first round of session.

I understand that there is an upfront cost to purchase the chamber. But, unlike other therapies, such as ABA that may cost you closer to $45,000 per year, there is a financial return on the chambers if you ever decided your don do longer needed hbot.

I know several parents that have purchased chambers and used them for several years.  When their children no longer needed hbot, they put them up for sale. Most were able to get back fairly close to what they originally spent on it. The used chamber market is great for the seller. Used chambers are hard to come by because most families choose to keep their chamber.

I would suggest taking to your physician about a home chamber.  There is a study by Dan Rossignol, M.D. that showed a significant improvement through the use of a home chamber.  You can go to if you would like to read it.

I wish you and your family the best and hope that your son stays on his path to recovery.

Charity Rood, D.C.