IHC is pleased to announce that the NAPA institute is now up and running in our Irvine location. NAPA specializes in offering PT and OT services for both children and adults with various neurological conditions.

The NAPA institute and IHC have worked together to bring affordable suit therapy to our children.  With the implementation of this program at our Irvine location, parents can now do suit therapy along side their HBOT sessions without the rush of traveling to two different locations.

IHC and NAPA have also worked with several organizations that offer grants to families that helped reduce the cost of these combined therapies.

If you would like more information on our suit therapy program and NAPA, please contact our parent liaison, Natalie Dragotto. Natalie’s daughter, Gianna, is our featured patient in this month’s newsletter.

Natalie knows first hand the struggles of trying to get the necessary therapies for Gianna.  Natalie has a wealth  of knowledge on various organizations that may be able to assist you with funding. She is also an    expert on writing effective letters to insurance companies. If you would like to speak to Natalie, she can be reached at 949.428.8878.

Call the Irvine clinic if you are interested in NAPA and would like to see the suit therapy in action.