Here are a few thoughts that I keep repeating to help me get through some of my rougher moments:

1) Remember that you are, and always will be, your child’s best advocate.

2) Stay calm, even when your entire being is screaming on the inside and you feel like you are about to burst into flames.

3) Know your School District’s policies, but know your child’s rights even better.

4) NEVER sign your IEP unless you are 110% okay with it. No one can force you into signing it.

5) If you don’t know or understand something, then ASK! There are many organizations out there that can help.

As for Grace, I have decided to keep her home this year from school until the district and I can agree on her safety and educational goals. It was a bitter-sweet decision because she loves her friends and peers. But, as her mom, I couldn’t send her to a place where I didn’t know she would be safe. For now she will continue with her daily therapist, HBOT, and speech. Grace continues to get better in so many areas that I know we are heading down the right path.

As for Lily, my eldest daughter, she will be turning thirteen in just a few weeks. I will officially be the mother of a teenager – and I am feeling OLD!

Remember to always have HOPE and listen to your gut and your heart. You won’t go wrong.

Shannon Kenitz