Justin came to IHC when he was seven years old. Before Justin started hyperbaric oxygen therapy, his parents said that he was unable to express his feelings.  If he was feeling sad, he couldn’t communicate this to his parents. Justin was not able to socialize with his peers and had difficulty interacting within his surroundings.

During his initial 40 Hyperbaric treatment period, his parents noticed that Justin had an explosion of speech. The expressive words that communicate feelings and emotions were unlocked.  Instead of just saying “I am sad,” he would say “I am sad because my car is broke!” Justin started chaining three to 4 sentences together surrounding a central theme.  He progressed from repeating a narrative to actually being able to create his own stories.

After his second round of hyperbarics, Justin was able to socialize in appropriate ways and even had a role in a local play. He was able to negotiate auditions, rehearsals, and eventually performances in front of large audiences.

His parents, Gail and Tony, know that Justin’s explosion in speech came from his hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which helped him to be more focused and comfortable with his surroundings. It really brought him out of his shell and he is now participating in ways that never before seemed possible.