Cameron’s Journey of Thanksgiving

Cameron’s Journey began on January 17,2007. He came into this world fairly easily and was such a beautiful, quiet baby. He met all of his developmental milestones until around the age of 1. Babbling was still babbling it had not turned into any solid meaningful words. He had an extremely wide gait and was having a hard time “walking.” He had the “drunken sailor” run for about six months before somewhat steady walking started. Eye contact was an issue around that time too. It was difficult to say because Cameron was always in motion…wasn’t playing with toys or interacting with others but we thought it was because he wouldn’t slow down long enough to even pay attention. Birth to Three started right away; around 13 months Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapy began. This was the beginning of a long ongoing road to interventions, therapies, medications, and the roller coaster of hope with doctors and therapists.

Cameron was diagnosed with Autism, Developmental Delay, and Hypotonia a month before his 2nd birthday in December 2008. On February 14 of 2009 he awoke into a Grand Mal seizure and proceeded to seize every 4-5 hours that day. Our battle with epilepsy began.

The next year was spent waiting to move into “intensive in home therapy,” battling seizures and diet issues. February of2010 Cameron began 40 hour per week intensive in home therapy mixed with transition from Birth to 3 into the local School District for a total of 2 Hours per week.

Not Seeing Much…

After a full year of intensive therapy and not seeing much (if any progress) and an extreme increase in his hyperactivity, the medication journey began. During this time most specialists and doctors were very perplexed and agreed that there is a “mystery diagnosis” missing from Cameron’s puzzle but nobody could figure it out and Genetic testing began with a failure to find an answer.

Cameron had always been “happy” but by this point his body was constantly in motion trying to find comfort and it was as if he could not focus on anything other than trying to get comfortable in his body. He was very stressed and unhappy. His sleep disorder became unmanageable, there were nights he was getting maybe 2 hours of sleep and his body was in motion during what little sleep he did get. Everyone in Cameron’s life including Cameron was EXHAUSTED.

Cameron and I would say our prayers at night and all I ever prayed for was for some comfort for my little guy. I felt helpless and hope was at an all time low. Out of desperation at a walk for Autism I grabbed an information pack on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy… this was one of the last things we hadn’t tried. When I called and talked to “Erin” at the Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center (A Place of Grace) I felt as if God had placed an angel in Cameron’s life. She was caring and took time to share her own Experience, Strength, and Hope with her own child and that day a new seed of Hope was planted.

Finally …Relief

That week Cameron went in for a complimentary dive and the results and relief that Cameron has shown is more than words can describe. He immediately seemed a bit relaxed (wasn’t trying to crawl out of his body) was still in motion, but a look of comfort was on his face. Everyone in his life commented that “It was as if he was looking at you rather than through you” (direct eye contact was amazing.) Smiles and laughter were heard and seen from Cameron for the first time in a very long time. Cameron gets so excited about going to “A place of Grace.” Cameron is showing amazing signs of improvement after just a few dives and although he is still non-verbal he has made it clear that Oxygen makes him feel better than anything thus far in his journey.

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